Port 大全



1/tcp tcpmux TCP Port Service Multiplexer

2/tcp compressnet Management Utility

3/tcp compressnet Compression Process

5/tcp rje Remote Job Entry

7/tcp echo Echo

9/tcp discard Discard

11/tcp systat Active Users

13/tcp daytime Daytime (RFC 867)

17/tcp qotd Quote of the Day

18/tcp msp Message Send Protocol

19/tcp chargen Character Generator

20/tcp ftp-data File Transfer [Default Data]

21/tcp ftp File Transfer [Control]

22/tcp ssh SSH Remote Login Protocol

23/tcp telnet Telnet

24/tcp any private mail system any private mail system

25/tcp smtp Simple Mail Transfer

27/tcp nsw-fe NSW User System FE

29/tcp msg-icp MSG ICP

31/tcp msg-auth MSG Authentication

33/tcp dsp Display Support Protocol

35/tcp any private printer server any private printer server

37/tcp time Time

38/tcp rap Route Access Protocol

39/tcp rlp Resource Location Protocol

41/tcp graphics Graphics

42/tcp nameserver Host Name Server

43/tcp nicname Who Is

44/tcp mpm-flags MPM FLAGS Protocol

45/tcp mpm Message Processing Module [recv]

46/tcp mpm-snd MPM [default send]

47/tcp ni-ftp NI FTP

48/tcp auditd Digital Audit Daemon

49/tcp tacacs Login Host Protocol (TACACS)

50/tcp re-mail-ck Remote Mail Checking Protocol

51/tcp la-maint IMP Logical Address Maintenance

52/tcp xns-time XNS Time Protocol

53/tcp domain Domain Name Server

54/tcp xns-ch XNS Clearinghouse

55/tcp isi-gl ISI Graphics Language

56/tcp xns-auth XNS Authentication

57/tcp any private terminal access any private terminal access

58/tcp xns-mail XNS Mail

59/tcp any private file service any private file service

60/tcp Unassigned Unassigned

61/tcp ni-mail NI MAIL

62/tcp acas ACA Services

63/tcp whois++ whois++

64/tcp covia Communications Integrator (CI)

65/tcp tacacs-ds TACACS-Database Service

66/tcp sql*net Oracle SQL*NET

67/tcp bootps Bootstrap Protocol Server

68/tcp bootpc Bootstrap Protocol Client

69/tcp tftp Trivial File Transfer

70/tcp gopher Gopher

71/tcp netrjs-1 Remote Job Service

72/tcp netrjs-2 Remote Job Service

73/tcp netrjs-3 Remote Job Service

74/tcp netrjs-4 Remote Job Service

75/tcp any private dial out service any private dial out service

76/tcp deos Distributed External Object Store

77/tcp any private RJE service any private RJE service

78/tcp vettcp vettcp

79/tcp finger Finger

80/tcp http-www World Wide Web HTTP

81/tcp hosts2-ns HOSTS2 Name Server

82/tcp xfer XFER Utility

83/tcp mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device

84/tcp ctf Common Trace Facility

85/tcp mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device

86/tcp mfcobol Micro Focus Cobol

87/tcp any private terminal link any private terminal link

88/tcp kerberos Kerberos

89/tcp su-mit-tg SU/MIT Telnet Gateway

90/tcp dnsix DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map

91/tcp mit-dov MIT Dover Spooler

92/tcp npp Network Printing Protocol

93/tcp dcp Device Control Protocol

94/tcp objcall Tivoli Object Dispatcher

95/tcp supdup SUPDUP

96/tcp dixie DIXIE Protocol Specification

97/tcp swift-rvf Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol

98/tcp tacnews TAC News

99/tcp metagram Metagram Relay

101/tcp hostname NIC Host Name Server

102/tcp iso-tsap ISO-TSAP Class 0

103/tcp gppitnp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net

104/tcp acr-nema ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300

105/tcp cso CCSO name server protocol

105/tcp csnet-ns Mailbox Name Nameserver

106/tcp 3com-tsmux 3COM-TSMUX

107/tcp rtelnet Remote Telnet Service

108/tcp snagas SNA Gateway Access Server

109/tcp pop2 Post Office Protocol – Version 2

110/tcp pop3 Post Office Protocol – Version 3

111/tcp sunrpc SUN Remote Procedure Call

112/tcp mcidas McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol

113/tcp ident

114/tcp audionews Audio News Multicast

115/tcp sftp Simple File Transfer Protocol

116/tcp ansanotify ANSA REX Notify

117/tcp uucp-path UUCP Path Service

118/tcp sqlserv SQL Services

119/tcp nntp Network News Transfer Protocol

120/tcp cfdptkt CFDPTKT

121/tcp erpc Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call

122/tcp smakynet SMAKYNET

123/tcp ntp Network Time Protocol

124/tcp ansatrader ANSA REX Trader

125/tcp locus-map Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser

126/tcp unitary Unisys Unitary Login

127/tcp locus-con Locus PC-Interface Conn Server

128/tcp gss-xlicen GSS X License Verification

129/tcp pwdgen Password Generator Protocol

130/tcp cisco-fna cisco FNATIVE

131/tcp cisco-tna cisco TNATIVE

132/tcp cisco-sys cisco SYSMAINT

133/tcp statsrv Statistics Service

134/tcp ingres-net INGRES-NET Service

135/tcp epmap DCE endpoint resolution

136/tcp profile PROFILE Naming System

137/tcp netbios-ns NETBIOS Name Service

138/tcp netbios-dgm NETBIOS Datagram Service

139/tcp netbios-ssn NETBIOS Session Service

140/tcp emfis-data EMFIS Data Service

141/tcp emfis-cntl EMFIS Control Service

142/tcp bl-idm Britton-Lee IDM

143/tcp imap Internet Message Access Protocol

144/tcp uma Universal Management Architecture

145/tcp uaac UAAC Protocol

146/tcp iso-tp0 ISO-IP0

147/tcp iso-ip ISO-IP

148/tcp jargon Jargon

149/tcp aed-512 AED 512 Emulation Service

150/tcp sql-net SQL-NET

151/tcp hems HEMS

152/tcp bftp Background File Transfer Program

153/tcp sgmp SGMP

154/tcp netsc-prod NETSC

155/tcp netsc-dev NETSC

156/tcp sqlsrv SQL Service

157/tcp knet-cmp KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol

158/tcp pcmail-srv PCMail Server

159/tcp nss-routing NSS-Routing

160/tcp sgmp-traps SGMP-TRAPS

161/tcp snmp SNMP

162/tcp snmptrap SNMPTRAP

163/tcp cmip-man CMIP/TCP Manager

164/tcp cmip-agent CMIP/TCP Agent

165/tcp xns-courier Xerox

166/tcp s-net Sirius Systems

167/tcp namp NAMP

168/tcp rsvd RSVD

169/tcp send SEND

170/tcp print-srv Network PostScript

171/tcp multiplex Network Innovations Multiplex

172/tcp cl/1 Network Innovations CL/1

173/tcp xyplex-mux Xyplex

174/tcp mailq MAILQ

175/tcp vmnet VMNET

176/tcp genrad-mux GENRAD-MUX

177/tcp xdmcp X Display Manager Control Protocol

178/tcp nextstep NextStep Window Server

179/tcp bgp Border Gateway Protocol

180/tcp ris Intergraph

181/tcp unify Unify

182/tcp audit Unisys Audit SITP

183/tcp ocbinder OCBinder

184/tcp ocserver OCServer

185/tcp remote-kis Remote-KIS

186/tcp kis KIS Protocol

187/tcp aci Application Communication Interface

188/tcp mumps Plus Five’s MUMPS

189/tcp qft Queued File Transport

190/tcp gacp Gateway Access Control Protocol

191/tcp prospero Prospero Directory Service

192/tcp osu-nms OSU Network Monitoring System

193/tcp srmp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol

194/tcp irc Internet Relay Chat Protocol

195/tcp dn6-nlm-aud DNSIX Network Level Module Audit

196/tcp dn6-smm-red DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir

197/tcp dls Directory Location Service

198/tcp dls-mon Directory Location Service Monitor

199/tcp smux SMUX

200/tcp src IBM System Resource Controller

201/tcp at-rtmp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance

202/tcp at-nbp AppleTalk Name Binding

203/tcp at-3 AppleTalk Unused

204/tcp at-echo AppleTalk Echo

205/tcp at-5 AppleTalk Unused

206/tcp at-zis AppleTalk Zone Information

207/tcp at-7 AppleTalk Unused

208/tcp at-8 AppleTalk Unused

209/tcp qmtp The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol

210/tcp z39.50 ANSI Z39.50

211/tcp 914c/g Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal

212/tcp anet ATEXSSTR

214/tcp vmpwscs VM PWSCS

215/tcp softpc Insignia Solutions

216/tcp CAIlic Computer Associates Int’l License Server

217/tcp dbase dBASE Unix

218/tcp mpp Netix Message Posting Protocol

219/tcp uarps Unisys ARPs

220/tcp imap3 Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3

221/tcp fln-spx Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth

222/tcp rsh-spx Berkeley rshd with SPX auth

223/tcp cdc Certificate Distribution Center

242/tcp direct Direct

243/tcp sur-meas Survey Measurement

244/tcp dayna Dayna

245/tcp link LINK

246/tcp dsp3270 Display Systems Protocol

247/tcp subntbcst_tftp SUBNTBCST_TFTP

248/tcp bhfhs bhfhs

256/tcp rap RAP

257/tcp set Secure Electronic Transaction

258/tcp yak-chat Yak Winsock Personal Chat

259/tcp esro-gen Efficient Short Remote Operations

260/tcp openport Openport

263/tcp hdap HDAP

264/tcp bgmp BGMP

280/tcp http-mgmt http-mgmt

309/tcp entrusttime EntrustTime

310/tcp bhmds bhmds

312/tcp vslmp VSLMP

315/tcp dpsi DPSI

316/tcp decauth decAuth

317/tcp zannet Zannet

321/tcp pip PIP

344/tcp pdap Prospero Data Access Protocol

345/tcp pawserv Perf Analysis Workbench

346/tcp zserv Zebra server

347/tcp fatserv Fatmen Server

348/tcp csi-sgwp Cabletron Management Protocol

349/tcp mftp mftp

351/tcp matip-type-b MATIP Type B

351/tcp bhoetty bhoetty (added 5/21/97)

353/tcp ndsauth NDSAUTH

354/tcp bh611 bh611

357/tcp bhevent bhevent

362/tcp srssend SRS Send

365/tcp dtk DTK

366/tcp odmr ODMR

368/tcp qbikgdp QbikGDP

371/tcp clearcase Clearcase

372/tcp ulistproc ListProcessor

373/tcp legent-1 Legent Corporation

374/tcp legent-2 Legent Corporation

375/tcp hassle Hassle

376/tcp nip Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto

377/tcp tnETOS NEC Corporation

378/tcp dsETOS NEC Corporation

379/tcp is99c TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client

380/tcp is99s TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server

381/tcp hp-collector hp performance data collector

383/tcp hp-alarm-mgr hp performance data alarm manager

384/tcp arns A Remote Network Server System

385/tcp ibm-app IBM Application

386/tcp asa ASA Message Router Object Def.

387/tcp aurp Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.

388/tcp unidata-ldm Unidata LDM Version 4

389/tcp ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

390/tcp uis UIS

391/tcp synotics-relay SynOptics SNMP Relay Port

393/tcp dis Data Interpretation System

394/tcp embl-ndt EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer

395/tcp netcp NETscout Control Protocol

396/tcp netware-ip Novell Netware over IP

397/tcp mptn Multi Protocol Trans. Net.

398/tcp kryptolan Kryptolan

399/tcp iso-tsap-c2 ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over TCP

400/tcp work-sol Workstation Solutions

401/tcp ups Uninterruptible Power Supply

402/tcp genie Genie Protocol

403/tcp decap decap

404/tcp nced nced

405/tcp ncld ncld

406/tcp imsp Interactive Mail Support Protocol

407/tcp timbuktu Timbuktu

408/tcp prm-sm Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.

409/tcp prm-nm Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.

410/tcp decladebug DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol

411/tcp rmt Remote MT Protocol

412/tcp synoptics-trap Trap Convention Port

413/tcp smsp SMSP

414/tcp infoseek InfoSeek

415/tcp bnet BNet

416/tcp silverplatter Silverplatter

417/tcp onmux Onmux

418/tcp hyper-g Hyper-G

419/tcp ariel1 Ariel

420/tcp smpte SMPTE

421/tcp ariel2 Ariel

422/tcp ariel3 Ariel

423/tcp opc-job-start IBM Operations Planning and Control Start

424/tcp opc-job-track IBM Operations Planning and Control Track

425/tcp icad-el ICAD

426/tcp smartsdp smartsdp

427/tcp svrloc Server Location

428/tcp ocs_cmu OCS_CMU

429/tcp ocs_amu OCS_AMU

430/tcp utmpsd UTMPSD

431/tcp utmpcd UTMPCD

432/tcp iasd IASD

433/tcp nnsp NNSP

434/tcp mobileip-agent MobileIP-Agent

435/tcp mobilip-mn MobilIP-MN

436/tcp dna-cml DNA-CML

437/tcp comscm comscm

438/tcp dsfgw dsfgw

439/tcp dasp dasp Thomas Obermair

440/tcp sgcp sgcp

441/tcp decvms-sysmgt decvms-sysmgt

442/tcp cvc_hostd cvc_hostd

443/tcp https http protocol over TLS/SSL

444/tcp snpp Simple Network Paging Protocol

445/tcp microsoft-ds Microsoft-DS

446/tcp ddm-rdb DDM-RDB

447/tcp ddm-dfm DDM-RFM

448/tcp ddm-ssl DDM-SSL

449/tcp as-servermap AS Server Mapper

450/tcp tserver TServer

451/tcp sfs-smp-net Cray Network Semaphore server

453/tcp creativeserver CreativeServer

454/tcp contentserver ContentServer

455/tcp creativepartnr CreativePartnr

456/tcp macon-tcp macon-tcp

457/tcp scohelp scohelp

458/tcp appleqtc apple quick time

459/tcp ampr-rcmd ampr-rcmd

460/tcp skronk skronk

461/tcp datasurfsrv DataRampSrv

462/tcp datasurfsrvsec DataRampSrvSec

463/tcp alpes alpes

464/tcp kpasswd kpasswd

465/tcp smtps smtp protocol over TLS/SSL (was ssmtp)

466/tcp digital-vrc digital-vrc

467/tcp mylex-mapd mylex-mapd

468/tcp photuris proturis

469/tcp rcp Radio Control Protocol

470/tcp scx-proxy scx-proxy

471/tcp mondex Mondex

472/tcp ljk-login ljk-login

473/tcp hybrid-pop hybrid-pop

474/tcp tn-tl-w1 tn-tl-w1

475/tcp tcpnethaspsrv tcpnethaspsrv

476/tcp tn-tl-fd1 tn-tl-fd1

477/tcp ss7ns ss7ns

478/tcp spsc spsc

479/tcp iafserver iafserver

480/tcp iafdbase iafdbase

481/tcp ph Ph service

482/tcp bgs-nsi bgs-nsi

483/tcp ulpnet ulpnet

484/tcp integra-sme Integra Software Management Environment

485/tcp powerburst Air Soft Power Burst

486/tcp avian avian

487/tcp saft saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer

488/tcp gss-http gss-http

489/tcp nest-protocol nest-protocol

490/tcp micom-pfs micom-pfs

491/tcp go-login go-login

492/tcp ticf-1 Transport Independent Convergence for FNA

493/tcp ticf-2 Transport Independent Convergence for FNA

494/tcp pov-ray POV-Ray

495/tcp intecourier intecourier

496/tcp pim-rp-disc PIM-RP-DISC

497/tcp dantz dantz

498/tcp siam siam

499/tcp iso-ill ISO ILL Protocol

500/tcp isakmp isakmp

501/tcp stmf STMF

502/tcp asa-appl-proto asa-appl-proto

503/tcp intrinsa Intrinsa

504/tcp citadel citadel

505/tcp mailbox-lm mailbox-lm

506/tcp ohimsrv ohimsrv

507/tcp crs crs

508/tcp xvttp xvttp

509/tcp snare snare

510/tcp fcp FirstClass Protocol

511/tcp passgo PassGo

512/tcp exec remote process execution;

513/tcp login remote login a la telnet;

514/tcp shell cmd

515/tcp printer spooler

516/tcp videotex videotex

517/tcp talk like tenex link, but across

518/tcp ntalk

519/tcp utime unixtime

520/tcp efs extended file name server

521/tcp ripng ripng

522/tcp ulp ULP

523/tcp ibm-db2 IBM-DB2

524/tcp ncp NCP

525/tcp timed timeserver

526/tcp tempo newdate

527/tcp stx Stock IXChange

528/tcp custix Customer IXChange

529/tcp irc-serv IRC-SERV

530/tcp courier rpc

531/tcp conference chat

532/tcp netnews readnews

533/tcp netwall for emergency broadcasts

534/tcp mm-admin MegaMedia Admin

535/tcp iiop iiop

536/tcp opalis-rdv opalis-rdv

537/tcp nmsp Networked Media Streaming Protocol

538/tcp gdomap gdomap

539/tcp apertus-ldp Apertus Technologies Load Determination

540/tcp uucp uucpd

541/tcp uucp-rlogin uucp-rlogin

542/tcp commerce commerce

543/tcp klogin

544/tcp kshell krcmd

545/tcp appleqtcsrvr appleqtcsrvr

546/tcp dhcpv6-client DHCPv6 Client

547/tcp dhcpv6-server DHCPv6 Server

548/tcp afpovertcp AFP over TCP

549/tcp idfp IDFP

550/tcp new-rwho new-who

551/tcp cybercash cybercash

552/tcp deviceshare deviceshare

553/tcp pirp pirp

554/tcp rtsp Real Time Stream Control Protocol

555/tcp dsf

556/tcp remotefs rfs server

557/tcp openvms-sysipc openvms-sysipc

558/tcp sdnskmp SDNSKMP

559/tcp teedtap TEEDTAP

560/tcp rmonitor rmonitord

561/tcp monitor

562/tcp chshell chcmd

563/tcp nntps nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)

564/tcp 9pfs plan 9 file service

565/tcp whoami whoami

566/tcp streettalk streettalk

567/tcp banyan-rpc banyan-rpc

568/tcp ms-shuttle microsoft shuttle

569/tcp ms-rome microsoft rome

570/tcp meter demon

571/tcp meter udemon

572/tcp sonar sonar

573/tcp banyan-vip banyan-vip

574/tcp ftp-agent FTP Software Agent System

575/tcp vemmi VEMMI

576/tcp ipcd ipcd

577/tcp vnas vnas

578/tcp ipdd ipdd

579/tcp decbsrv decbsrv

581/tcp bdp Bundle Discovery Protocol

588/tcp cal CAL

589/tcp eyelink EyeLink

590/tcp tns-cml TNS CML

593/tcp http-rpc-epmap HTTP RPC Ep Map

594/tcp tpip TPIP

596/tcp smsd SMSD

599/tcp acp Aeolon Core Protocol

600/tcp ipcserver Sun IPC server

606/tcp urm Cray Unified Resource Manager

607/tcp nqs nqs

608/tcp sift-uft Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer

609/tcp npmp-trap npmp-trap

610/tcp npmp-local npmp-local

611/tcp npmp-gui npmp-gui

613/tcp hmmp-op HMMP Operation

620/tcp sco-websrvrmgr SCO WebServer Manager

621/tcp escp-ip ESCP

625/tcp dec_dlm DEC DLM

626/tcp asia ASIA

628/tcp qmqp QMQP

630/tcp rda RDA

631/tcp ipp IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)

632/tcp bmpp bmpp

634/tcp ginad ginad

635/tcp rlzdbase RLZ DBase

636/tcp ldaps ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)

637/tcp lanserver lanserver

639/tcp msdp MSDP

666/tcp doom doom Id Software

667/tcp disclose campaign contribution disclosures – SDR Technologies

668/tcp mecomm MeComm

669/tcp meregister MeRegister

670/tcp vacdsm-sws VACDSM-SWS

671/tcp vacdsm-app VACDSM-APP

672/tcp vpps-qua VPPS-QUA

673/tcp cimplex CIMPLEX

674/tcp acap ACAP

675/tcp dctp DCTP

704/tcp elcsd errlog copy/server daemon

705/tcp agentx AgentX

709/tcp entrust-kmsh Entrust Key Management Service Handler

710/tcp entrust-ash Entrust Administration Service Handler

729/tcp netviewdm1 IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client

730/tcp netviewdm2 IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp

731/tcp netviewdm3 IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp

741/tcp netgw netGW

742/tcp netrcs Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.

744/tcp flexlm Flexible License Manager

747/tcp fujitsu-dev Fujitsu Device Control

748/tcp ris-cm Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager

749/tcp kerberos-adm kerberos administration

750/tcp rfile

751/tcp pump

752/tcp qrh

753/tcp rrh

754/tcp tell send

758/tcp nlogin

759/tcp con

760/tcp ns

761/tcp rxe

762/tcp quotad

763/tcp cycleserv

764/tcp omserv

765/tcp webster

769/tcp vid

770/tcp cadlock

771/tcp rtip

772/tcp cycleserv2

773/tcp submit

774/tcp rpasswd

776/tcp wpages

780/tcp wpgs

786/tcp concert Concert

787/tcp qsc QSC

801/tcp device

873/tcp rsync rsync

886/tcp iclcnet-locate ICL coNETion locate server

887/tcp iclcnet_svinfo ICL coNETion server info

888/tcp accessbuilder AccessBuilder

900/tcp omginitialrefs OMG Initial Refs

911/tcp xact-backup xact-backup

990/tcp ftps ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL

991/tcp nas Netnews Administration System

992/tcp telnets telnet protocol over TLS/SSL

993/tcp imaps imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL

994/tcp ircs irc protocol over TLS/SSL

995/tcp pop3s pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)

996/tcp vsinet vsinet

997/tcp maitrd

998/tcp busboy

999/tcp garcon

1000/tcp cadlock

1010/tcp surf surf

1023/tcp Reserved Reserved

1030/tcp iad1 BBN IAD

1031/tcp iad2 BBN IAD

1032/tcp iad3 BBN IAD

1047/tcp neod1 Sun’s NEO Object Request Broker

1048/tcp neod2 Sun’s NEO Object Request Broker

1058/tcp nim nim

1059/tcp nimreg nimreg

1067/tcp instl_boots Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.

1068/tcp instl_bootc Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.

1080/tcp socks Socks

1083/tcp ansoft-lm-1 Anasoft License Manager

1084/tcp ansoft-lm-2 Anasoft License Manager

1123/tcp murray Murray

1155/tcp nfa Network File Access

1212/tcp lupa lupa

1222/tcp nerv SNI R&D network

1239/tcp nmsd NMSD

1248/tcp hermes

1313/tcp bmc_patroldb BMC_PATROLDB

1314/tcp pdps Photoscript Distributed Printing System

1321/tcp pip PIP

1345/tcp vpjp VPJP

1346/tcp alta-ana-lm Alta Analytics License Manager

1347/tcp bbn-mmc multi media conferencing

1348/tcp bbn-mmx multi media conferencing

1349/tcp sbook Registration Network Protocol

1350/tcp editbench Registration Network Protocol

1352/tcp lotusnote Lotus Note

1353/tcp relief Relief Consulting

1354/tcp rightbrain RightBrain Software

1355/tcp intuitive-edge Intuitive Edge

1356/tcp cuillamartin CuillaMartin Company

1357/tcp pegboard Electronic PegBoard

1358/tcp connlcli CONNLCLI

1359/tcp ftsrv FTSRV

1360/tcp mimer MIMER

1361/tcp linx LinX

1362/tcp timeflies TimeFlies

1363/tcp ndm-requester Network DataMover Requester

1364/tcp ndm-server Network DataMover Server

1365/tcp adapt-sna Network Software Associates

1366/tcp netware-csp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform

1367/tcp dcs DCS

1368/tcp screencast ScreenCast

1369/tcp gv-us GlobalView to Unix Shell

1370/tcp us-gv Unix Shell to GlobalView

1371/tcp fc-cli Fujitsu Config Protocol

1372/tcp fc-ser Fujitsu Config Protocol

1373/tcp chromagrafx Chromagrafx

1374/tcp molly EPI Software Systems

1375/tcp bytex Bytex

1376/tcp ibm-pps IBM Person to Person Software

1377/tcp cichlid Cichlid License Manager

1378/tcp elan Elan License Manager

1379/tcp dbreporter Integrity Solutions

1380/tcp telesis-licman Telesis Network License Manager

1381/tcp apple-licman Apple Network License Manager

1382/tcp udt_os

1383/tcp gwha GW Hannaway Network License Manager

1384/tcp os-licman Objective Solutions License Manager

1385/tcp atex_elmd Atex Publishing License Manager

1386/tcp checksum CheckSum License Manager

1387/tcp cadsi-lm Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM

1388/tcp objective-dbc Objective Solutions DataBase Cache

1389/tcp iclpv-dm Document Manager

1390/tcp iclpv-sc Storage Controller

1391/tcp iclpv-sas Storage Access Server

1392/tcp iclpv-pm Print Manager

1393/tcp iclpv-nls Network Log Server

1394/tcp iclpv-nlc Network Log Client

1395/tcp iclpv-wsm PC Workstation Manager software

1396/tcp dvl-activemail DVL Active Mail

1399/tcp cadkey-licman Cadkey License Manager

1400/tcp cadkey-tablet Cadkey Tablet Daemon

1402/tcp prm-sm-np Prospero Resource Manager

1403/tcp prm-nm-np Prospero Resource Manager

1404/tcp igi-lm Infinite Graphics License Manager

1405/tcp ibm-res IBM Remote Execution Starter

1406/tcp netlabs-lm NetLabs License Manager

1407/tcp dbsa-lm DBSA License Manager

1408/tcp sophia-lm Sophia License Manager

1409/tcp here-lm Here License Manager

1410/tcp hiq HiQ License Manager

1411/tcp af AudioFile

1412/tcp innosys InnoSys

1413/tcp innosys-acl Innosys-ACL

1414/tcp ibm-mqseries IBM MQSeries

1415/tcp dbstar DBStar

1416/tcp novell-lu6.2 Novell LU6.2

1417/tcp timbuktu-srv1 Timbuktu Service 1 Port

1418/tcp timbuktu-srv2 Timbuktu Service 2 Port

1419/tcp timbuktu-srv3 Timbuktu Service 3 Port

1420/tcp timbuktu-srv4 Timbuktu Service 4 Port

1421/tcp gandalf-lm Gandalf License Manager

1422/tcp autodesk-lm Autodesk License Manager

1423/tcp essbase Essbase Arbor Software

1424/tcp hybrid Hybrid Encryption Protocol

1425/tcp zion-lm Zion Software License Manager

1426/tcp sais Satellite-data Acquisition System 1

1427/tcp mloadd mloadd monitoring tool

1428/tcp informatik-lm Informatik License Manager

1429/tcp nms Hypercom NMS

1430/tcp tpdu Hypercom TPDU

1431/tcp rgtp Reverse Gossip Transport

1432/tcp blueberry-lm Blueberry Software License Manager

1433/tcp ms-sql-s Microsoft-SQL-Server

1434/tcp ms-sql-m Microsoft-SQL-Monitor

1435/tcp ibm-cics IBM CICS

1436/tcp saism Satellite-data Acquisition System 2

1437/tcp tabula Tabula

1438/tcp eicon-server Eicon Security Agent/Server

1439/tcp eicon-x25 Eicon X25/SNA Gateway

1440/tcp eicon-slp Eicon Service Location Protocol

1441/tcp cadis-1 Cadis License Management

1442/tcp cadis-2 Cadis License Management

1443/tcp ies-lm Integrated Engineering Software

1444/tcp marcam-lm Marcam License Management

1445/tcp proxima-lm Proxima License Manager

1446/tcp ora-lm Optical Research Associates License Manager

1447/tcp apri-lm Applied Parallel Research LM

1448/tcp oc-lm OpenConnect License Manager

1449/tcp peport PEport

1450/tcp dwf Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility

1451/tcp infoman IBM Information Management

1452/tcp gtegsc-lm GTE Government Systems License Man

1453/tcp genie-lm Genie License Manager

1454/tcp interhdl_elmd interHDL License Manager

1455/tcp esl-lm ESL License Manager

1456/tcp dca DCA

1457/tcp valisys-lm Valisys License Manager

1458/tcp nrcabq-lm Nichols Research Corp.

1459/tcp proshare1 Proshare Notebook Application

1460/tcp proshare2 Proshare Notebook Application

1461/tcp ibm_wrless_lan IBM Wireless LAN

1462/tcp world-lm World License Manager

1463/tcp nucleus Nucleus

1464/tcp msl_lmd MSL License Manager

1465/tcp pipes Pipes Platform

1466/tcp oceansoft-lm Ocean Software License Manager

1467/tcp csdmbase CSDMBASE

1468/tcp csdm CSDM

1469/tcp aal-lm Active Analysis Limited License Manager

1470/tcp uaiact Universal Analytics

1471/tcp csdmbase csdmbase

1472/tcp csdm csdm

1473/tcp openmath OpenMath

1474/tcp telefinder Telefinder

1475/tcp taligent-lm Taligent License Manager

1476/tcp clvm-cfg clvm-cfg

1477/tcp ms-sna-server ms-sna-server

1478/tcp ms-sna-base ms-sna-base

1479/tcp dberegister dberegister

1480/tcp pacerforum PacerForum

1481/tcp airs AIRS

1482/tcp miteksys-lm Miteksys License Manager

1483/tcp afs AFS License Manager

1484/tcp confluent Confluent License Manager

1485/tcp lansource LANSource

1486/tcp nms_topo_serv nms_topo_serv

1487/tcp localinfosrvr LocalInfoSrvr

1488/tcp docstor DocStor

1489/tcp dmdocbroker dmdocbroker

1490/tcp insitu-conf insitu-conf

1491/tcp anynetgateway anynetgateway

1492/tcp stone-design-1 stone-design-1

1493/tcp netmap_lm netmap_lm

1494/tcp ica ica

1495/tcp cvc cvc

1496/tcp liberty-lm liberty-lm

1497/tcp rfx-lm rfx-lm

1498/tcp sybase-sqlany Sybase SQL Any

1499/tcp fhc Federico Heinz Consultora Networks

1500/tcp vlsi-lm VLSI License Manager

1501/tcp saiscm Satellite-data Acquisition System 3

1502/tcp shivadiscovery Shiva

1503/tcp imtc-mcs Databeam

1504/tcp evb-elm EVB Software Engineering License Manager

1505/tcp funkproxy Funk Software, Inc.

1506/tcp utcd Universal Time daemon (utcd)

1507/tcp symplex symplex

1508/tcp diagmond diagmond

1509/tcp robcad-lm Robcad, Ltd. License Manager

1510/tcp mvx-lm Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.

1511/tcp 3l-l1 3l-l1

1512/tcp wins Microsoft’s Windows Internet Name Service

1513/tcp fujitsu-dtc Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc

1514/tcp fujitsu-dtcns Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc

1515/tcp ifor-protocol ifor-protocol

1516/tcp vpad Virtual Places Audio data

1517/tcp vpac Virtual Places Audio control

1518/tcp vpvd Virtual Places Video data

1519/tcp vpvc Virtual Places Video control

1520/tcp atm-zip-office atm zip office

1521/tcp ncube-lm nCube License Manager

1522/tcp ricardo-lm Ricardo North America License Manager

1523/tcp cichild-lm cichild

1525/tcp orasrv oracle

1525/tcp prospero-np Prospero Directory Service non-priv

1526/tcp pdap-np Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv

1527/tcp tlisrv oracle

1528/tcp mciautoreg micautoreg

1529/tcp coauthor oracle

1530/tcp rap-service rap-service

1531/tcp rap-listen rap-listen

1532/tcp miroconnect miroconnect

1533/tcp virtual-places Virtual Places Software

1534/tcp micromuse-lm micromuse-lm

1535/tcp ampr-info ampr-info

1536/tcp ampr-inter ampr-inter

1537/tcp sdsc-lm isi-lm

1538/tcp 3ds-lm 3ds-lm

1539/tcp intellistor-lm Intellistor License Manager

1540/tcp rds rds

1541/tcp rds2 rds2

1542/tcp gridgen-elmd gridgen-elmd

1543/tcp simba-cs simba-cs

1544/tcp aspeclmd aspeclmd

1545/tcp vistium-share vistium-share

1546/tcp abbaccuray abbaccuray

1547/tcp laplink laplink

1548/tcp axon-lm Axon License Manager

1549/tcp shivahose Shiva Hose

1550/tcp 3m-image-lm Image Storage license manager 3M Company

1551/tcp hecmtl-db HECMTL-DB

1552/tcp pciarray pciarray

1553/tcp sna-cs sna-cs

1554/tcp caci-lm CACI Products Company License Manager

1555/tcp livelan livelan

1556/tcp ashwin AshWin CI Tecnologies

1557/tcp arbortext-lm ArborText License Manager

1558/tcp xingmpeg xingmpeg

1559/tcp web2host web2host

1560/tcp asci-val asci-val

1561/tcp facilityview facilityview

1562/tcp pconnectmgr pconnectmgr

1563/tcp cadabra-lm Cadabra License Manager

1564/tcp pay-per-view Pay-Per-View

1565/tcp winddlb WinDD

1566/tcp corelvideo CORELVIDEO

1567/tcp jlicelmd jlicelmd

1568/tcp tsspmap tsspmap

1569/tcp ets ets

1570/tcp orbixd orbixd

1571/tcp rdb-dbs-disp Oracle Remote Data Base

1572/tcp chip-lm Chipcom License Manager

1573/tcp itscomm-ns itscomm-ns

1574/tcp mvel-lm mvel-lm

1575/tcp oraclenames oraclenames

1576/tcp moldflow-lm moldflow-lm

1577/tcp hypercube-lm hypercube-lm

1578/tcp jacobus-lm Jacobus License Manager

1579/tcp ioc-sea-lm ioc-sea-lm

1580/tcp tn-tl-r1 tn-tl-r1

1581/tcp mil-2045-47001 MIL-2045-47001

1582/tcp msims MSIMS

1583/tcp simbaexpress simbaexpress

1584/tcp tn-tl-fd2 tn-tl-fd2

1585/tcp intv intv

1586/tcp ibm-abtact ibm-abtact

1587/tcp pra_elmd pra_elmd

1588/tcp triquest-lm triquest-lm

1589/tcp vqp VQP

1590/tcp gemini-lm gemini-lm

1591/tcp ncpm-pm ncpm-pm

1592/tcp commonspace commonspace

1593/tcp mainsoft-lm mainsoft-lm

1594/tcp sixtrak sixtrak

1595/tcp radio radio

1596/tcp radio-sm radio-sm

1597/tcp orbplus-iiop orbplus-iiop

1598/tcp picknfs picknfs

1599/tcp simbaservices simbaservices

1600/tcp issd

1601/tcp aas aas

1602/tcp inspect inspect

1603/tcp picodbc pickodbc

1604/tcp icabrowser icabrowser

1605/tcp slp Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)

1606/tcp slm-api Salutation Manager (SLM-API)

1607/tcp stt stt

1608/tcp smart-lm Smart Corp. License Manager

1609/tcp isysg-lm isysg-lm

1610/tcp taurus-wh taurus-wh

1611/tcp ill Inter Library Loan

1612/tcp netbill-trans NetBill Transaction Server

1613/tcp netbill-keyrep NetBill Key Repository

1614/tcp netbill-cred NetBill Credential Server

1615/tcp netbill-auth NetBill Authorization Server

1616/tcp netbill-prod NetBill Product Server

1617/tcp nimrod-agent Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication

1618/tcp skytelnet skytelnet

1619/tcp xs-openstorage xs-openstorage

1620/tcp faxportwinport faxportwinport

1621/tcp softdataphone softdataphone

1622/tcp ontime ontime

1623/tcp jaleosnd jaleosnd

1624/tcp udp-sr-port udp-sr-port

1625/tcp svs-omagent svs-omagent

1636/tcp cncp CableNet Control Protocol

1637/tcp cnap CableNet Admin Protocol

1638/tcp cnip CableNet Info Protocol

1639/tcp cert-initiator cert-initiator

1640/tcp cert-responder cert-responder

1641/tcp invision InVision

1642/tcp isis-am isis-am

1643/tcp isis-ambc isis-ambc

1645/tcp datametrics datametrics

1646/tcp sa-msg-port sa-msg-port

1647/tcp rsap rsap

1648/tcp concurrent-lm concurrent-lm

1649/tcp inspect inspect

1650/tcp nkd nkd

1651/tcp shiva_confsrvr shiva_confsrvr

1652/tcp xnmp xnmp

1653/tcp alphatech-lm alphatech-lm

1654/tcp stargatealerts stargatealerts

1655/tcp dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin

1656/tcp dec-mbadmin-h dec-mbadmin-h

1657/tcp fujitsu-mmpdc fujitsu-mmpdc

1658/tcp sixnetudr sixnetudr

1659/tcp sg-lm Silicon Grail License Manager

1660/tcp skip-mc-gikreq skip-mc-gikreq

1661/tcp netview-aix-1 netview-aix-1

1662/tcp netview-aix-2 netview-aix-2

1663/tcp netview-aix-3 netview-aix-3

1664/tcp netview-aix-4 netview-aix-4

1665/tcp netview-aix-5 netview-aix-5

1666/tcp netview-aix-6 netview-aix-6

1667/tcp netview-aix-7 netview-aix-7

1668/tcp netview-aix-8 netview-aix-8

1669/tcp netview-aix-9 netview-aix-9

1670/tcp netview-aix-10 netview-aix-10

1671/tcp netview-aix-11 netview-aix-11

1672/tcp netview-aix-12 netview-aix-12

1673/tcp proshare-mc-1 Intel Proshare Multicast

1674/tcp proshare-mc-2 Intel Proshare Multicast

1675/tcp pdp Pacific Data Products

1676/tcp netcomm1 netcomm1

1677/tcp groupwise groupwise

1678/tcp prolink prolink

1679/tcp darcorp-lm darcorp-lm

1681/tcp sd-elmd sd-elmd

1682/tcp lanyon-lantern lanyon-lantern

1683/tcp ncpm-hip ncpm-hip

1684/tcp snaresecure SnareSecure

1685/tcp n2nremote n2nremote

1686/tcp cvmon cvmon

1687/tcp nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-ctrl

1688/tcp nsjtp-data nsjtp-data

1689/tcp firefox firefox

1690/tcp ng-umds ng-umds

1691/tcp empire-empuma empire-empuma

1692/tcp sstsys-lm sstsys-lm

1693/tcp rrirtr rrirtr

1694/tcp rrimwm rrimwm

1695/tcp rrilwm rrilwm

1696/tcp rrifmm rrifmm

1697/tcp rrisat rrisat

1698/tcp rsvp-encap-1 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1

1699/tcp rsvp-encap-2 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2

1700/tcp mps-raft mps-raft

1701/tcp l2f,l2tp l2f,l2tp

1702/tcp deskshare deskshare

1703/tcp hb-engine hb-engine

1704/tcp bcs-broker bcs-broker

1705/tcp slingshot slingshot

1706/tcp jetform jetform

1707/tcp vdmplay vdmplay

1708/tcp gat-lmd gat-lmd

1709/tcp centra centra

1710/tcp impera impera

1711/tcp pptconference pptconference

1712/tcp registrar resource monitoring service

1713/tcp conferencetalk ConferenceTalk

1714/tcp sesi-lm sesi-lm

1715/tcp houdini-lm houdini-lm

1716/tcp xmsg xmsg

1717/tcp fj-hdnet fj-hdnet

1718/tcp h323gatedisc h323gatedisc

1719/tcp h323gatestat h323gatestat

1720/tcp h323hostcall h323hostcall

1721/tcp caicci caicci

1722/tcp hks-lm HKS License Manager

1723/tcp pptp pptp

1724/tcp csbphonemaster csbphonemaster

1725/tcp iden-ralp iden-ralp

1726/tcp iberiagames IBERIAGAMES

1727/tcp winddx winddx

1728/tcp telindus TELINDUS

1729/tcp citynl CityNL License Management

1730/tcp roketz roketz

1731/tcp msiccp MSICCP

1732/tcp proxim proxim

1733/tcp siipat SIMS – SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission

1734/tcp cambertx-lm Camber Corporation License Management

1735/tcp privatechat PrivateChat

1736/tcp street-stream street-stream

1737/tcp ultimad ultimad

1738/tcp gamegen1 GameGen1

1739/tcp webaccess webaccess

1740/tcp encore encore

1741/tcp cisco-net-mgmt cisco-net-mgmt

1742/tcp 3Com-nsd 3Com-nsd

1743/tcp cinegrfx-lm Cinema Graphics License Manager

1744/tcp ncpm-ft ncpm-ft

1745/tcp remote-winsock remote-winsock

1746/tcp ftrapid-1 ftrapid-1

1747/tcp ftrapid-2 ftrapid-2

1748/tcp oracle-em1 oracle-em1

1749/tcp aspen-services aspen-services

1750/tcp sslp Simple Socket Library’s PortMaster

1751/tcp swiftnet SwiftNet

1752/tcp lofr-lm Leap of Faith Research License Manager

1753/tcp translogic-lm Translogic License Manager

1754/tcp oracle-em2 oracle-em2

1755/tcp ms-streaming ms-streaming

1756/tcp capfast-lmd capfast-lmd

1757/tcp cnhrp cnhrp

1758/tcp tftp-mcast tftp-mcast

1759/tcp spss-lm SPSS License Manager

1760/tcp www-ldap-gw www-ldap-gw

1761/tcp cft-0 cft-0

1762/tcp cft-1 cft-1

1763/tcp cft-2 cft-2

1764/tcp cft-3 cft-3

1765/tcp cft-4 cft-4

1766/tcp cft-5 cft-5

1767/tcp cft-6 cft-6

1768/tcp cft-7 cft-7

1769/tcp bmc-net-adm bmc-net-adm

1770/tcp bmc-net-svc bmc-net-svc

1771/tcp vaultbase vaultbase

1772/tcp essweb-gw EssWeb Gateway

1773/tcp kmscontrol KMSControl

1774/tcp global-dtserv global-dtserv

1776/tcp femis Federal Emergency Management Information System

1777/tcp powerguardian powerguardian

1779/tcp pharmasoft pharmasoft

1780/tcp dpkeyserv dpkeyserv

1781/tcp answersoft-lm answersoft-lm

1782/tcp hp-hcip hp-hcip

1783/tcp fjris Fujitsu Remote Install Service

1784/tcp finle-lm Finle License Manager

1785/tcp windlm Wind River Systems License Manager

1786/tcp funk-logger funk-logger

1787/tcp funk-license funk-license

1788/tcp psmond psmond

1789/tcp hello hello

1790/tcp nmsp Narrative Media Streaming Protocol

1791/tcp ea1 EA1

1792/tcp ibm-dt-2 ibm-dt-2

1793/tcp rsc-robot rsc-robot

1794/tcp cera-bcm cera-bcm

1795/tcp dpi-proxy dpi-proxy

1796/tcp vocaltec-admin Vocaltec Server Administration

1797/tcp uma UMA

1798/tcp etp Event Transfer Protocol

1799/tcp netrisk NETRISK

1801/tcp msmq Microsoft Message Que

1804/tcp enl ENL

1807/tcp fhsp Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol

1812/tcp radius RADIUS

1813/tcp radius-acct RADIUS Accounting

1814/tcp tdp-suite TDP Suite

1815/tcp mmpft MMPFT

1816/tcp harp HARP

1818/tcp etftp Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol

1819/tcp plato-lm Plato License Manager

1820/tcp mcagent mcagent

1821/tcp donnyworld donnyworld

1822/tcp es-elmd es-elmd

1823/tcp unisys-lm Unisys Natural Language License Manager

1824/tcp metrics-pas metrics-pas

1850/tcp gsi GSI

1863/tcp msnp MSNP

1865/tcp entp ENTP

1901/tcp fjicl-tep-a Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A

1902/tcp fjicl-tep-b Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B

1903/tcp linkname Local Link Name Resolution

1904/tcp fjicl-tep-c Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program C

1905/tcp sugp Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol

1906/tcp tpmd TPortMapperReq

1908/tcp dawn Dawn

1911/tcp mtp Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol

1913/tcp armadp armadp

1914/tcp elm-momentum Elm-Momentum

1915/tcp facelink FACELINK

1916/tcp persona Persoft Persona

1917/tcp noagent nOAgent

1921/tcp noadmin NoAdmin

1944/tcp close-combat close-combat

1945/tcp dialogic-elmd dialogic-elmd

1946/tcp tekpls tekpls

1947/tcp hlserver hlserver

1948/tcp eye2eye eye2eye

1949/tcp ismaeasdaqlive ISMA Easdaq Live

1950/tcp ismaeasdaqtest ISMA Easdaq Test

1951/tcp bcs-lmserver bcs-lmserver

1973/tcp dlsrap Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol

1985/tcp hsrp Hot Standby Router Protocol

1986/tcp licensedaemon cisco license management

1987/tcp tr-rsrb-p1 cisco RSRB Priority 1 port

1988/tcp tr-rsrb-p2 cisco RSRB Priority 2 port

1989/tcp tr-rsrb-p3 cisco RSRB Priority 3 port

1989/tcp mshnet MHSnet system

1990/tcp stun-p1 cisco STUN Priority 1 port

1991/tcp stun-p2 cisco STUN Priority 2 port

1992/tcp stun-p3 cisco STUN Priority 3 port

1992/tcp ipsendmsg IPsendmsg

1993/tcp snmp-tcp-port cisco SNMP TCP port

1994/tcp stun-port cisco serial tunnel port

1995/tcp perf-port cisco perf port

1996/tcp tr-rsrb-port cisco Remote SRB port

1997/tcp gdp-port cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol

1998/tcp x25-svc-port cisco X.25 service (XOT)

1999/tcp tcp-id-port cisco identification port

2000/tcp callbook

2001/tcp dc

2002/tcp globe

2004/tcp mailbox

2005/tcp berknet

2007/tcp dectalk

2012/tcp ttyinfo

2013/tcp raid-am

2014/tcp troff

2015/tcp cypress

2025/tcp ellpack

2030/tcp device2

2032/tcp blackboard

2033/tcp glogger

2035/tcp imsldoc

2040/tcp lam

2042/tcp isis isis

2044/tcp rimsl

2045/tcp cdfunc

2046/tcp sdfunc

2047/tcp dls

2049/tcp shilp

2049/tcp nfs Network File System – Sun Microsystems

2065/tcp dlsrpn Data Link Switch Read Port Number

2067/tcp dlswpn Data Link Switch Write Port Number

2090/tcp lrp Load Report Protocol

2091/tcp prp PRP

2102/tcp zephyr-srv Zephyr server

2103/tcp zephyr-clt Zephyr serv-hm connection

2104/tcp zephyr-hm Zephyr hostmanager

2105/tcp minipay MiniPay

2200/tcp ici ICI

2201/tcp ats Advanced Training System Program

2213/tcp kali Kali

2222/tcp unreg-ab2 Allen-Bradley unregistered port

2232/tcp ivs-video IVS Video default

2234/tcp directplay DirectPlay

2236/tcp nani Nani

2240/tcp recipe RECIPe

2241/tcp ivsd IVS Daemon

2242/tcp foliocorp Folio Remote Server

2279/tcp xmquery xmquery

2280/tcp lnvpoller LNVPOLLER

2281/tcp lnvconsole LNVCONSOLE

2282/tcp lnvalarm LNVALARM

2283/tcp lnvstatus LNVSTATUS

2284/tcp lnvmaps LNVMAPS

2285/tcp lnvmailmon LNVMAILMON

2286/tcp nas-metering NAS-Metering

2287/tcp dna DNA

2288/tcp netml NETML

2300/tcp cvmmon CVMMON

2307/tcp pehelp pehelp

2308/tcp sdhelp sdhelp

2313/tcp iapp IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)

2316/tcp sent-lm SENT License Manager

2321/tcp rdlap RDLAP over UDP

2322/tcp ofsd ofsd

2323/tcp 3d-nfsd 3d-nfsd

2326/tcp idcp IDCP

2327/tcp xingcsm xingcsm

2329/tcp nvd NVD

2330/tcp tscchat TSCCHAT

2333/tcp snapp SNAPP

2337/tcp ideesrv ideesrv

2344/tcp fcmsys fcmsys

2345/tcp dbm dbm

2356/tcp gxtelmd GXT License Managemant

2358/tcp futrix Futrix

2390/tcp rsmtp RSMTP

2396/tcp wusage Wusage

2397/tcp ncl NCL

2398/tcp orbiter Orbiter

2401/tcp cvspserver cvspserver

2407/tcp orion Orion

2412/tcp cdn CDN

2415/tcp comtest COMTEST

2418/tcp cas cas

2421/tcp g-talk G-Talk

2423/tcp rnrp RNRP

2427/tcp stgcp Simple telephony Gateway Control Protocol

2428/tcp ott One Way Trip Time

2429/tcp ft-role FT-ROLE

2430/tcp venus venus

2432/tcp codasrv codasrv

2436/tcp topx TOP/X

2438/tcp msp MSP

2443/tcp powerclientcsf PowerClient Central Storage Facility

2445/tcp dtn1 DTN1

2447/tcp ovwdb OpenView NNM daemon

2449/tcp ratl RATL

2451/tcp netchat netchat

2458/tcp griffin griffin

2500/tcp rtsserv Resource Tracking system server

2501/tcp rtsclient Resource Tracking system client

2528/tcp ncr_ccl NCR CCL

2529/tcp utsftp UTS FTP

2532/tcp ovtopmd OVTOPMD

2592/tcp netrek netrek

2628/tcp dict DICT

2634/tcp pk-electronics PK Electronics

2636/tcp solve Solve

2639/tcp aminet AMInet

2641/tcp hdl-srv HDL Server

2642/tcp tragic Tragic

2646/tcp and-lm AND Licence Manager

2653/tcp sonus Sonus

2655/tcp unglue UNIX Nt Glue

2656/tcp kana Kana

2700/tcp tqdata tqdata

2784/tcp www-dev world wide web – development

2785/tcp aic-np aic-np

2786/tcp aic-oncrpc aic-oncrpc – Destiny MCD database

2787/tcp piccolo piccolo – Cornerstone Software

2788/tcp fryeserv NetWare Loadable Module – Seagate Software

2789/tcp media-agent Media Agent

2908/tcp mao mao

2912/tcp epicon Epicon

2971/tcp netclip Net Clip

2974/tcp signal Signal

2975/tcp fjmpcm Fujitsu Configuration Management Service

3000/tcp hbci HBCI

3001/tcp redwood-broker Redwood Broker

3003/tcp cgms CGMS

3010/tcp gw Telerate Workstation

3012/tcp twsdss Trusted Web Client

3020/tcp cifs CIFS

3047/tcp hlserver Fast Security HL Server

3048/tcp pctrader Sierra Net PC Trader

3049/tcp nsws NSWS

3105/tcp cardbox Cardbox

3130/tcp icpv2 ICPv2

3141/tcp vmodem VMODEM

3143/tcp seaview Sea View

3147/tcp rfio RFIO

3264/tcp ccmail cc:mail/lotus

3266/tcp ns-cfg-server NS CFG Server

3267/tcp ibm-dial-out IBM Dial Out

3268/tcp msft-gc Microsoft Global Catalog

3273/tcp sxmp Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol

3275/tcp samd SAMD

3279/tcp admind admind

3281/tcp sysopt SYSOPT

3284/tcp 4talk 4Talk

3285/tcp plato Plato

3286/tcp e-net E-Net

3288/tcp cops COPS

3289/tcp enpc ENPC

3290/tcp caps-lm CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT – LM

3291/tcp sah-lm S A Holditch & Associates – LM

3293/tcp fg-fps fg-fps

3294/tcp fg-gip fg-gip

3296/tcp rib-slm Rib License Manager

3299/tcp pdrncs pdrncs

3304/tcp opsession-srvr OP Session Server

3306/tcp mysql MySQL

3309/tcp tns-adv TNS ADV

3313/tcp uorb Unify Object Broker

3314/tcp uohost Unify Object Host

3315/tcp cdid CDID

3318/tcp ssrip Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol

3319/tcp sdt-lmd SDT License Manager

3321/tcp vnsstr VNSSTR

3326/tcp sftu SFTU

3327/tcp bbars BBARS

3328/tcp egptlm Eaglepoint License Manager

3329/tcp hp-device-disc HP Device Disc

3330/tcp mcs-calypsoicf MCS Calypso ICF

3333/tcp dec-notes DEC Notes

3338/tcp anet-b OMF data b

3339/tcp anet-l OMF data l

3340/tcp anet-m OMF data m

3341/tcp anet-h OMF data h

3342/tcp webtie WebTIE

3351/tcp btrieve BTRIEVE

3352/tcp ssql SSQL

3353/tcp fatpipe FATPIPE

3354/tcp suitjd SUITJD

3362/tcp dj-ilm DJ ILM

3372/tcp tip2 TIP 2

3378/tcp wsicopy WSICOPY

3379/tcp socorfs SOCORFS

3381/tcp geneous Geneous

3383/tcp esp-lm Enterprise Software Products License Manager

3390/tcp dsc Distributed Service Coordinator

3391/tcp savant SAVANT

3392/tcp efi-lm EFI License Management

3395/tcp dyna-lm Dyna License Manager (Elam)

3421/tcp bmap Bull Apprise portmapper

3455/tcp prsvp RSVP Port

3456/tcp vat VAT default data

3457/tcp vat-control VAT default control

3900/tcp udt_os Unidata UDT OS

3984/tcp mapper-nodemgr MAPPER network node manager

3985/tcp mapper-mapethd MAPPER TCP/IP server

3986/tcp mapper-ws_ethd MAPPER workstation server

4001/tcp newoak NewOak

4008/tcp netcheque NetCheque accounting

4096/tcp bre BRE (Bridge Relay Element)

4132/tcp nuts_dem NUTS Daemon

4133/tcp nuts_bootp NUTS Bootp Server

4143/tcp oidsr Document Replication

4321/tcp rwhois Remote Who Is

4343/tcp unicall UNICALL

4346/tcp elanlm ELAN LM

4348/tcp itose ITOSE

4444/tcp krb524 KRB524

4444/tcp nv-video NV Video default

4446/tcp n1-fwp N1-FWP

4449/tcp privatewire PrivateWire

4450/tcp camp Camp

4451/tcp ctisystemmsg CTI System Msg

4452/tcp ctiprogramload CTI Program Load

4500/tcp sae-urn sae-urn

4501/tcp urn-x-cdchoice urn-x-cdchoice

4546/tcp sf-lm SF License Manager (Sentinel)

4672/tcp rfa remote file access server

4800/tcp iims Icona Instant Messenging System

4801/tcp iwec Icona Web Embedded Chat

4802/tcp ilss Icona License System Server

4827/tcp htcp HTCP

4868/tcp phrelay Photon Relay

4885/tcp abbs ABBS

5002/tcp rfe radio free ethernet

5003/tcp fmpro-internal FileMaker, Inc. – Proprietary transport

5004/tcp avt-profile-1 avt-profile-1

5005/tcp avt-profile-2 avt-profile-2

5010/tcp telelpathstart TelepathStart

5020/tcp zenginkyo-1 zenginkyo-1

5021/tcp zenginkyo-2 zenginkyo-2

5050/tcp mmcc multimedia conference control tool

5060/tcp sip SIP

5150/tcp atmp Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol

5190/tcp aol America-Online

5191/tcp aol-1 AmericaOnline1

5192/tcp aol-2 AmericaOnline2

5193/tcp aol-3 AmericaOnline3

5272/tcp pk PK

5300/tcp hacl-hb # HA cluster heartbeat

5301/tcp hacl-gs # HA cluster general services

5304/tcp hacl-local # HA Cluster Commands

5305/tcp hacl-test # HA Cluster Test

5307/tcp sco-aip SCO AIP

5310/tcp outlaws Outlaws

5311/tcp tmlogin TM Login

5400/tcp excerpt Excerpt Search

5402/tcp mftp MFTP

5404/tcp hpoms-dps-lstn HPOMS-DPS-LSTN

5407/tcp foresyte-clear Foresyte-Clear

5409/tcp salient-dtasrv Salient Data Server

5410/tcp salient-usrmgr Salient User Manager

5411/tcp actnet ActNet

5414/tcp statusd StatusD

5418/tcp mcntp MCNTP

5419/tcp dj-ice DJ-ICE

5500/tcp fcp-addr-srvr1 fcp-addr-srvr1

5501/tcp fcp-addr-srvr2 fcp-addr-srvr2

5502/tcp fcp-srvr-inst1 fcp-srvr-inst1

5503/tcp fcp-srvr-inst2 fcp-srvr-inst2

5504/tcp fcp-cics-gw1 fcp-cics-gw1

5555/tcp personal-agent Personal Agent

5602/tcp a1-msc A1-MSC

5603/tcp a1-bs A1-BS

5631/tcp pcanywheredata pcANYWHEREdata

5632/tcp pcanywherestat pcANYWHEREstat

5678/tcp rrac Remote Replication Agent Connection

5679/tcp dccm Direct Cable Connect Manager

5713/tcp proshareaudio proshare conf audio

5714/tcp prosharevideo proshare conf video

5715/tcp prosharedata proshare conf data

5717/tcp prosharenotify proshare conf notify

5729/tcp openmail Openmail User Agent Layer

5741/tcp ida-discover1 IDA Discover Port 1

5742/tcp ida-discover2 IDA Discover Port 2

5745/tcp fcopy-server fcopy-server

5746/tcp fcopys-server fcopys-server

5755/tcp openmailg OpenMail Desk Gateway server

5757/tcp x500ms OpenMail X.500 Directory Server

5766/tcp openmailns OpenMail NewMail Server

5767/tcp s-openmail OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)

6000/tcp x11 X Window System

6110/tcp softcm HP SoftBench CM

6111/tcp spc HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control

6112/tcp dtspcd dtspcd

6123/tcp backup-express Backup Express

6141/tcp meta-corp Meta Corporation License Manager

6142/tcp aspentec-lm Aspen Technology License Manager

6143/tcp watershed-lm Watershed License Manager

6144/tcp statsci1-lm StatSci License Manager – 1

6145/tcp statsci2-lm StatSci License Manager – 2

6146/tcp lonewolf-lm Lone Wolf Systems License Manager

6147/tcp montage-lm Montage License Manager

6148/tcp ricardo-lm Ricardo North America License Manager

6149/tcp tal-pod tal-pod

6253/tcp crip CRIP

6389/tcp clariion-evr01 clariion-evr01

6500/tcp boks BoKS Master

6558/tcp xdsxdm

6665/tcp ircu IRCU

6670/tcp vocaltec-gold Vocaltec Global Online Directory

6672/tcp vision_server vision_server

6673/tcp vision_elmd vision_elmd

6790/tcp hnmp HNMP

6831/tcp ambit-lm ambit-lm

6969/tcp acmsoda acmsoda

7010/tcp ups-onlinet onlinet uninterruptable power supplies

7020/tcp dpserve DP Serve

7070/tcp arcp ARCP

7099/tcp lazy-ptop lazy-ptop

7100/tcp font-service X Font Service

7121/tcp virprot-lm Virtual Prototypes License Manager

7174/tcp clutild Clutild

7200/tcp fodms FODMS FLIP

7201/tcp dlip DLIP

7395/tcp winqedit winqedit

7426/tcp pmdmgr OpenView DM Postmaster Manager

7430/tcp xmpv7 OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe

7431/tcp pmd OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe

7491/tcp telops-lmd telops-lmd

7511/tcp pafec-lm pafec-lm

7544/tcp nta-ds FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer

7545/tcp nta-us FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer

7588/tcp sun-lm Sun License Manager

7777/tcp cbt cbt

7781/tcp accu-lmgr accu-lmgr

7932/tcp t2-drm Tier 2 Data Resource Manager

7933/tcp t2-brm Tier 2 Business Rules Manager

7999/tcp irdmi2 iRDMI2

8000/tcp irdmi iRDMI

8032/tcp pro-ed ProEd

8400/tcp cvd cvd

8401/tcp sabarsd sabarsd

8402/tcp abarsd abarsd

8403/tcp admind admind

8450/tcp npmp npmp

8473/tcp vp2p Vitual Point to Point

8888/tcp ddi-tcp-1 NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1)

8889/tcp ddi-tcp-2 Desktop Data TCP 1

8890/tcp ddi-tcp-3 Desktop Data TCP 2

8891/tcp ddi-tcp-4 Desktop Data TCP 3: NESS application

8892/tcp ddi-tcp-5 Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product

8893/tcp ddi-tcp-6 Desktop Data TCP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application

8894/tcp ddi-tcp-7 Desktop Data TCP 6: COAL application

9000/tcp cslistener CSlistener

9006/tcp sctp SCTP

9090/tcp websm WebSM

9535/tcp man

9594/tcp msgsys Message System

9595/tcp pds Ping Discovery Service

9876/tcp sd Session Director

9992/tcp palace Palace

9993/tcp palace Palace

9994/tcp palace Palace

9995/tcp palace Palace

9996/tcp palace Palace

9997/tcp palace Palace

9998/tcp distinct32 Distinct32

9999/tcp distinct distinct

10000/tcp ndmp Network Data Management Protocol

11000/tcp irisa IRISA

11001/tcp metasys Metasys

12753/tcp tsaf tsaf port

13160/tcp i-zipqd I-ZIPQD

13720/tcp bprd BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)

13721/tcp bpbrm BPBRM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)

13782/tcp bpcd VERITAS NetBackup

17219/tcp chipper Chipper

18000/tcp biimenu Beckman Instruments, Inc.

19410/tcp hp-sco hp-sco

19411/tcp hp-sca hp-sca

19541/tcp jcp JCP Client

21845/tcp webphone webphone

21846/tcp netspeak-is NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services

21847/tcp netspeak-cs NetSpeak Corp. Connection Services

21848/tcp netspeak-acd NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution

21849/tcp netspeak-cps NetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System

22273/tcp wnn6 wnn6

22555/tcp vocaltec-wconf Vocaltec Web Conference

22800/tcp aws-brf Telerate Information Platform LAN

22951/tcp brf-gw Telerate Information Platform WAN

24000/tcp med-ltp med-ltp

24004/tcp med-ovw med-ovw

24005/tcp med-ci med-ci

25000/tcp icl-twobase1 icl-twobase1

25001/tcp icl-twobase2 icl-twobase2

25002/tcp icl-twobase3 icl-twobase3

25003/tcp icl-twobase4 icl-twobase4

25004/tcp icl-twobase5 icl-twobase5

25005/tcp icl-twobase6 icl-twobase6

25006/tcp icl-twobase7 icl-twobase7

25007/tcp icl-twobase8 icl-twobase8

25008/tcp icl-twobase9 icl-twobase9

25009/tcp icl-twobase10 icl-twobase10

25793/tcp vocaltec-hos Vocaltec Address Server

26000/tcp quake quake

26208/tcp wnn6-ds wnn6-ds

45678/tcp eba EBA PRISE

47557/tcp dbbrowse Databeam Corporation

47806/tcp ap ALC Protocol

47808/tcp bacnet Building Automation and Control

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